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A membership with SLGJA has a host of benefits that can help develop your career in the Gem & Jewellery industry. Being a member of SLGJA increases your reach across multiple business segments, enables you to explore and establish industry relationships and most importantly encourages you to be part of an organisation that strives to be professional, ethical, progressive and aims to steer the Gem & Jewellery industry towards greater heights in Sri Lanka.

Member code of ethics

SLGJA members are proud to uphold the highest ethical standards in their business practices. Our strict code of ethics is a mark of professionalism that our members proudly adhere to in order to build a lasting bond of trust with their customers.

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Why Join Us

We share your desire to create a successful industry

Joining the SLGJA will provide you, as an industry professional, the opportunity to work alongside us to expand the import and export market as well as iron out any potential issues the industry would face. At the SLGJA, we nurture and promote all our member’s businesses embracing their desire for high achievement to create a successful and rewarding industry.

Being part of the SLGJA has a host of benefits:

  • Be a part of Sri Lanka’s apex representative body of the Gem and Jewellery industry.
  • The collective strength of the industry will help your business excel in a national and international space.
  • Interact directly with National Gem & Jewellery Authority and Export Development Board.
  • Keep up with the latest in international industry trends.
  • Join our meetings, programmes and annual conventions that encourage exposure to new ideas, trends, policies and trade related development within the industry.
  • The opportunity to participate in local and international Gem and Jewellery exhibitions.
  • Network at global events in Tucson, Las Vegas, Basel, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries.
  • Enjoy special concessionary rates for participation at International Trade Fairs.
  • Participate in committee projects and other SLGJA activities, contributing to the development of the industry.
  • Receive advice and support on Trade and Industry related matters.
  • Abide by the code-of-ethics of SLGJA and be recognized as an ethical business.
  • Access to auditorium facilities at the SLGJA Secretariat for trade related events.
  • Our membership card is an exclusive loyalty card that enables members to be eligible for discounts from selected merchants. It includes a QR code that contains your vaccination card and can be used easily when travelling.
  • SLGJA directory will showcase member profiles which will be distributed to foreign buyers, high commissions and Government and Local authorities.
  • Ease of doing business is a priority to SLGJA, as an association we lobby all industry issues to the government and when it is resolved it benefits all our members.

Membership Eligibility

To be part of the SLGJA make sure you are:

  • A registered Company under the Registrar of Companies or registration under Provincial Business Registrar related to the Gem and Jewellery trade.
  • Holder of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority license for Gem dealers, Jewellery Traders and Manufacturers, lapidarists, miners or any other professional qualification related to the industry.
  • Application for membership has to be proposed and seconded by two Executive Committee members of SLGJA.

Membership Categories:

  • Preliminary Members – All the new members approved by the Board will be admitted to this category and will continue as preliminary members for three (3) consecutive years. These members are not entitled to voting rights at meetings.
  • Secondary Members - Sri Lankans or fully owned by Sri Lankan /dual citizen companies who are engaged in businesses related to the Gem and Jewellery industry; however, they are not required to have the Gem License from the National Gem and Jewellery Authority These include:
    • Gem Laboratories
    • Tools, Equipment and Accessories Companies
    • Boxes and Packaging Companies
    • Educational Institutions

    Such Companies will be admitted to this category, subjected to the approval of the Board. These members are entitled to voting rights at meetings.

  • Associate Members - Foreign nationals or those Limited Liability Companies with part ownership by foreigners may apply for Preliminary Membership which then will be converted to ‘Associate’ status at the end of three (3) years subject to the approval of the Board. Associate Membership is not eligible to be considered for general membership and they are not entitled to voting rights.
  • General Members- Preliminary Members who have completed three (03) years of membership will be admitted to this category subject to the approval of the Board. These members are entitled to voting rights at meetings. Only Sri Lankan nationals and those companies fully owned by Sri Lankans are eligible to be considered for General Membership.
  • Life Members – Those who are already Life Members, retain so during their Life time. However it is not transferrable to any other individual or entity or successor. There will not be any new members admitted to this category with immediate effect. Existing Life Members are liable to pay a service fee. Existing Life members are entitled to voting rights.
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Member's Directory

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M No: Name Company
L.M 1001 Ferrin Careem
L.M 1002 Ajward Deen A M S Deen & Sons
L.M 1003 Sheriff Abdul Rahuman Abdul Rahumans
L.M 1005 Iqbal Caffoor N.D.H. Abdul Caffoor Ltd
L.M 1006 Sayuri Perera Alex Jewellers
L.M 1009 A K G S S Ananda Ananda Gems
L.M 1010 A K G Ranjith Ananda Ananda Gems
L.M 1012 Athula Perera Brilliant Gem Complex
L.M 1013 R Buhary Buhari & Co. Jewellers
L.M 1014 Cassim Wahab Bullion Exchange
L.M 1015 M I Sameen Birsam & Company
L.M 1016 A H Ishanudeen C.L.M.Abdul Hassan & Co.
L.M 1017 K S Naotunne Collectors Counts
L.M 1019 M Rizwan Sahabdeen Ceyital Jewels (Pvt) Ltd.
L.M 1021 Godfrey De Kretzer Ceylinco Diamond Trading
L.M 1023 Yath Iqbal Ceylon Sapphires International
L.M 1024 B W Peiris Colour Enterprises
L.M 1025 D A R Peiris Colour Gems
L.M 1026 M J M Faizal Commonwealth Gem Comp
L.M 1027 Ahamed Shareek Crescent Gems
L.M 1028 A Khazim Cader Crescent Lapidary
L.M 1029 M J M Mubarak Crest Gems (pvt) Ltd.
L.M 1030 M H M Uvais Crest Jewels Limited
L.M 1031 M C A Fayas/A Iqbal Crystals (Gems & Jewel.) Ltd
L.M 1032 W M R Fernando Deepthi Jewellery
L.M 1033 Juzar Adamaly E.G.Adamaly & Company
L.M 1034 Rainier Nanayakkara Ellawala Exports (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1035 M B M Fazloon Fairdeal Trading Company
L.M 1036 M S M Faleel Fathima Gems
L.M 1037 Padmasiri Fernando Fine Gems
L.M 1038 P N Nandadasa Flexport (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1039 G M S De Silva GMA De Silva (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1040 K L W Gamini Ariyathilake Gamini Gem & Jewelle(Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1041 A G B Amerasinghe Gem Chamber / Gem Bank
L.M 1043 E Salabdeen Gem Palace
L.M 1044 A H M Imtizam Gem Paradise
L.M 1046 M H M Anas Gem Traders Exports Ltd
L.M 1047 Kamil Ismail Gembines
L.M 1048 Sabry / Simark Gem Link
L.M 1049 Donald R Perera Gemsmart International (Pvt)Ltd
L.M 1050 M N B Ahamed Global Gems
L.M 1051 M N M Iqbal Global Gems & Jewels
L.M 1052 A W M Thahir Golden Palace Jewellers
L.M 1053 J Guruge Guruge Gems
L.M 1054 I M A Hanifi Hanifi & Faleel
L.M 1055 Indra Hemachandra Hemachandra Brothers
L.M 1056 M S F Haqque Hi Line Trading (Pvt) Ltd.,
L.M 1058 M H A Gaffar Historical Mansion
L.M 1059 Cassim Bawa International Gem House
L.M 1060 M A M Nilam Ishak & Company
L.M 1063 Mahen De Silva J.A. De Silva & Co. Ltd
L.M 1064 Ifham Raji J.M.M. Raji
L.M 1065 Ziqufi Ismail Jainudeen & Co (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1066 D F Jayakody Jayakody Gems(Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1067 Lalith Jayarathna Jayarathna Gem & Lapidary
L.M 1068 Firooz Hameed Jezima Holdings(Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1069 A H Ismail Jewel Asia
L.M 1070 Zaiqath Nizar Jewel Crafts
L.M 1071 Hazim Zarook Jewel Royale(Pvt) Ltd.,
L.M 1072 A M A Nishtar Jewels Star Exports (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1073 A L Justin Fernando Justin Gems
L.M 1074 M S M.Kamil M.S.M.Kamil
L.M 1075 Sabith Kiyard Khiard Jewellers
L.M 1076 D Ronald Samarawickrema Lak Menik (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1077 Arjun Dharmadasa Lakmanik Exports
L.M 1078 Ismath Majeed Lamintons Gem Exports (Pvt)
L.M 1079 A Akram Mansoor
L.M 1085 Gamini E Zoysa Mincraft Company
L.M 1086 M M Salahudeen Mushan International
L.M 1087 H A Titus Nadeesha Gem Centre
L.M 1089 M A M Hassan New Central Jewellery Stores
L.M 1090 W M Clazence de Silva New Oriental Jewellers
L.M 1091 Nawrooz Azmi New World Gem (Pvt) Ltd.
L.M 1092 Nihal Premasiri Nihal Gems
L.M 1094 Altaf Jabir Nowgem Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1095 Ameen Ali Suhail Nugget Creations (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1096 M H M Mansoor Success Enterprises
L.M 1097 M I A Fauz Oriental Gem & Jewellery
L.M 1098 Shehan Osman Osman's
L.M 1099 Anura Gunadasa P.B. Gunadasa & Sons
L.M 1100 Ayub P.S.V. Pallak Lebbe & Co
L.M 1101 Anura Wijemanne Anura Wijemanne Associates
L.M 1104 P K M Lal Pinwatta Pinwatte Gems
L.M 1105 D K Subasinghe/ Jeewaka Pride of Lanka Gems (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1106 G K P Sarath Silva Priyantha Gems
L.M 1107 Ifthikar Aziz R.A. Associates
L.M 1108 Anil Dangedara Rainbow Gems
L.M 1109 Altaf Iqbal Regal Gems Limited
L.M 1110 M B M Kaleel Reliance Gem Emporium
L.M 1111 M S M Fazli Saleems Ltd
L.M 1112 Nistar Sallay Sally Gems Colombo
L.M 1113 Armil Sammoon Sapphire Cutters (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1114 Hussainaly Farook Sapphire Gems Co. Ltd.
L.M 1115 M M Abdul Cassim Shehans Ltd
L.M 1116 M M Sheriff Sheriffs
L.M 1117 A W M Nowfer Shimla International
L.M 1118 Ifthikar Mahuroof Siddick Mahuroof & Company
L.M 1119 Rizvan Sahabdeen Sifani Jewellers Ltd
L.M 1120 M L M Siddeque South Ceylon Industrial Agency
L.M 1121 Ahamed Noorani Osman Sparkling Gems & Jewels
L.M 1122 Sudharma De Silva SUD'SILVA Jewellery
L.M 1125 Dhammika Swarnasinghe Swarna & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1126 T B Siripala T & S Jewellers
L.M 1127 A M H Hidayathullah The Gold Gems
L.M 1128 S H M Mohideen The World Craft
L.M 1129 W Priyantha Weliwatta Weliwatta Gems
L.M 1130 A P Jayarajah Wellawatta Nithya Kalyani Jewellery
L.M 1131 T Waliwatta Welliwatta Gems
L.M 1133 Winil Walgampola Winil Gems
L.M 1135 Padmasiri Yapa Yapa Gems & Jewellery
L.M 1136 A S Refai Zam Gems (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1137 Dr.M G M S Zurfich Zerendib Gem Exports
L.M 1138 Asanga Karunaratne Mallika Hemachandra
L.M 1139 Macky Hashim Mahweli Gems
L.M 1140 Ajmal Uwise Trade Asia (Pvt) Ltd
L.M 1141 Ruzwan Kamil Kamil Jewellers
L.M 1142 P S Bandusiri Manik Lanka
L.M 1143 Ranjith Ubeysiri Ubeysiri & Company
L.M 1228 U G Chandrasena Chandrasena Gems
L.M 1248 M U Ishak Lebbe Gem Cottage
L.M 1263 Mr. M S M Ifham Sally Mr. M S M Ifham Sally
L.M 1297 M Z M Nizar Nisthar Gems
L.M 1308 P H Gunaratna Priyan Gems
OM 1132 M H W Pinsiri Wijayapala Wijaya Gems (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1202 M F M Mishan Aasiya Gems
OM 1203 Shezard Careem A M A Careem Jewellers
OM 1204 Aynul Marzoona Salie A.M.Salie (Pvt) Ltd,
OM 1207 Riyaz Mohamed Sangani Ceylon Jewelry Manufactures (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1208 A K Urala Gamage Amaran Gems & Lapidaries
OM 1209 M R Furqan Ali Furqan Ali & Sons
OM 1211 Ameen Sadik ASF Gems
OM 1214 M N Bari Azba Gems & Jewellery
OM 1223 M C M Nawaz Bright Gems International
OM 1232 M M Mohamed Ishak Colombo Gemstones & Jewellery (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1233 Akram Cassim Colombo Jewellery Stores (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1234 Buwaneka De Silva D.B. Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1235 M Z M Ahzar Beauty Gems
OM 1236 S Ramesh K Devi Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd.,
OM 1238 P Prabahar Eden Jewellers
OM 1240 S A F Engelo Engelo Gems
OM 1242 Dhammika Ratnayake E.W.Balasuriya & Co.(Pvt)Ltd
OM 1244 M H Shazeen Farook Farook Gems
OM 1245 A W M Farook A W M Farook
OM 1256 Ananda Alahendra Hemachandras (Kandy) Ltd
OM 1260 M Jaufer Island Gem&Jew.Traders (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1261 M S M Iqbal Iffa Gems (Pvt) ltd
OM 1264 A Jagath Nilantha Jagath Nilantha Gem & Lapid
OM 1266 Mohamed Fazal Mohideen Jewel Qudsi
OM 1268 M L M Ishfaq/Lahir Global Gems (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1271 Affan Usman Kubra Jewellers
OM 1272 S Velautham Kandasamy Lalitha Jewellery Mart Ltd
OM 1274 A M M Iqbal Leedons Gemjewels (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1276 M R Abdul Kanim Lustre Gems
OM 1285 M. M. Saheed Mohksha Ltd
OM 1289 M L M Haroon/M H M Farhan Fancy Mahal
OM 1291 Ajith Boralessa Nemlanka Jewellers
OM 1299 S D Macan Markar O.L.M. Macan Markar Ltd
OM 1300 S A Thiagarajah Pattakannus (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1305 Faiq Rehan Precision Lapidaries (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1307 M J M Mushtaq
OM 1309 H M Abdeen Abdeen Jewellers
OM 1310 T M Punsiri Tennakoon Punsiri Gems
OM 1314 Athula Eliyapura Raja Jewellers
OM 1315 Jayaratne Weerasinghe Ranworth Jewellers
OM 1318 R Rabinath Ravi Jewellers Pvt Ltd
OM 1320 A H Chanaka Ellawala Renelle (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1324 Wazir Cafoor Ruby N Sapphires
OM 1325 H D S B M Rosairo Rosairo Gems
OM 1327 M Sabry Salahudeen Sabry Gems
OM 1329 V Ganeshan Sangeetha Jewels
OM 1331 Ramaiah Sathasivam Sathies Jewellery
OM 1332 Ms.Jacqui Fernando Sapphiruslanka
OM 1334 M M Ansar / M S M Salinn / M Z M Fahmy Saf Gems (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1335 M E S Joonoos Saf's Classique Gems(Pvt)Ltd
OM 1342 A Shiraz Usoof Finestones
OM 1343 A M A Nishtar Starshine Exports (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1345 Saliya Wikramasingha Saliya Gems International
OM 1347 T N Prabath Fernando Swiss Cut & Design (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1349 M S Shah Jahan Taipan Trading Company
OM 1353 Fahemida Anverally The Jewel Shop
OM 1356 Rizan Nazeer Trans Ceylon Gems & Jewellery
OM 1357 M Z Shakeer Mohideen Trust Gems
OM 1359 M Z Mohamed Feroze Try Once Gem & Jewellery
OM 1360 M A Deen Unique Jewels (Pvt) Ltd.
OM 1363 M Z Mohamed Unixpo Jewels (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1366 Anura Hemachandra Vogue Jewellers
OM 1367 A M S M Mohideen Rayeaz Wedding Ring Gem & Jewelle
OM 1369 Fahemida Anverally Zays (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1374 Dhammika Fernando Tropical Findings (pvt)Ltd
OM 1376 Rifakath Rasvi Buraak Jewels (pvt) ltd
OM 1379 Mohamed Rizwan Nayeem Orofini Gems
OM 1382 M N M Ramzeen Batcha Gems
OM 1383 M J Fauzul Ameer Ameer Gems & Jewellery
OM 1384 M H M Isab
OM 1385 A Simarsh Huzair/M Zahir/M Huzair Zahir Raheem
OM 1387 Priyantha Gunasekara Priyantha Gems & Lapidary
OM 1389 J M Imthiyas Rizana Gems & Jewellery
OM 1390 P Sivakumar N J Exports
OM 1391 P Kandasamy Sri Lekah Jewellers
OM 1392 R Anbarasan APA Jewellery (pvt)ltd
OM 1393 M H M Lafir Madany Chinafort Gems
OM 1397 Priyantha Silva Priyantha Gems
OM 1398 Safraz Jabir Safaiyers
OM 1400 Saman Amarasena Swiss Cut Lapidary
OM 1402 Muzhir Munas Sri Gems
OM 1403 H Naina Marikar M.R.H.Naina Marikar & Sons
OM 1405 Milfer Caffoor Ceylon Fine Gems (Pvt)Ltd
OM 1409 M.Mackey Najmudeen Paraiba International
OM 1410 E P Wijetunge Orava (Private)Limited
OM 1411 J G Ananda Senarath Premadasas Gems & Jewellery (Pvt)Ltd
OM 1412 Affan Marikkar AFM Gems
OM 1414 N S Lokuwithana Gemex Lanka
OM 1416 Suresh De Silva Belgrade International (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1418 Sahran Abdul AR Gems (Pvt)Ltd
OM 1419 M Tariq Jabir Precious Gems & Jewels
OM 1420 M.H.Athaulla Ceylon Colours
OM 1421 W Uditha P De Alwis On Gem
OM 1422 M Shezan Mansoor Mansoor Gems
OM 1423 M Shezmin Mansoor Shez Gems
OM 1424 B Roshini Indira Sangani Alankara Jewellery (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1425 A M Asaf J J F Gems (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1426 Janaka Hewasinghe Atlanta International Company (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1427 M Mohammed Sharfaz Jewel Arena
OM 1428 Razni Haniffa R & R Fine Gems
OM 1429 M H M Amjath Mubarak Gems
OM 1430 H.S.M.A.Hussain Vivid Gems
OM 1431 Zabith Rizan Khadijah Gems
OM 1432 Shameek Najeeb Ceylon Prime Gems
OM 1433 Hasmath Hilmy HH Gems
OM 1434 Nishantha Pathirage Hira Colombo
OM 1435 Hiran Oroloff Blue Diamond Jewellery Worldwide
OM 1436 Mohomed Ismail Globstar Enterprises
OM 1437 D N Lalith Wijekoon Solar Gems Jewellery (pvt) Ltd
OM 1438 Mr. Dahlan Fine Gem & Jewellery
OM 1439 Adil Hameed Aida Gems and Jewellery (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1440 Risafath Ahamed Verani Jewels (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1441 S Srikishanthan Devi Gold Arts (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1442 M J M Saharan Saheeha Gems
OM 1443 Fahmy Rahman Aaraa & Aati
OM 1444 R A V R Perera Brilliant Cuts (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1445 A H N Hemantha De Silva Cameellia Resort & Spa (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1446 S.U.Wariyapperuma Ceylon Gem Traders (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1447 Mr. S. Dinesh K. Fernando Swarnamahal Jewellers Ltd
OM 1448 W G B M Ranaweera Fior Drissage Jewellers Ltd
OM 1449 K K Ranjith Perera Ransell Gems
OM 1450 H. Rummy Rae De Zoysa Onyxpro Company (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1452 Jameel Fuward Fuward Gems
OM 1453 Liyakath Rasvi Loupestone (pvt) Ltd
OM 1454 Mishker Munawwer Aqib international
OM 1455 Shakeer Mohideen Diverse Gems
OM 1456 Ahmad Shamly Mukthar M.A.R.S Exports
OM 1457 Muhammed Qassim Hijas HQ Gems
OM 1458 M.H.M Naleem Haleem Gems
OM 1459 Hassim Mohamed Zaid Hiraz Gems (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1460 N I Dewendra D E Dewendra & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
OM 1461 Mohammed Nafry Mohammad Nisfer Nafry Gems Jewellery (Pvt) Ltd