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Representatives of SLGJA together

Representatives of SLGJA together with the senior officials of NGJA and a High Profile Business delegation from Russia had a meeting yesterday Wednesday 29th June 2022 at the NGJA Auditorium from 3pm to 6pm. Mr. Altaf, Mr. Pinsiri, Mr. Armil, Mr. Razni, Mr. Shareek and Roshen represented SLGJA. Dr. Gamini Zoysa also attended as an independent interpreter. Chairman NGJA chaired the meeting whilst Mr. Thenuwara DG NGJA, Mr. Tennakoon, Ms. Ayoma and Mr. Ranga joined in. Visiting delegation comprised of 3 businessmen from Russia and a representative from the Russian Embassy. Purpose of the meeting was to link Industrialists of Sri Lanka and Russian electronic trading platforms/marketplaces of Russia and the EAEU countries. (EAEU countries include Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan etc) Sri Lankan industrialists will be able to trade their products to 200 million + people in Russia and EAEU countries. The delegates individually considered different types of business models of cooperation with the business community of Russia and Sri Lanka. Gem and Jewellery was one of them. The focus was on joint ventures, representative offices and other business models of cooperation and also interaction in two directions of export and import. This was possible having SLGJA together with NGJA as the local coordinating partners. Mr. Altaf made a very informative presentation on the industry background in Sri Lanka, introduction to SLGJA and its objectives and FACETS Sri Lanka. Very fruitful and positive discussions were held in this regard and the overall outcome of the discussions were successful.

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