Import & Export Process

The Import & Export Procedure for Gem & Jewellery


There are two main ways to export Gemstones and Jewellery in Sri Lanka either through air-freight or hand carry with the approval and inspection of the
National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA).

Export Process for Gem & Jewellery

  • In order to export gems the party should be registered with the export services division and submit items with commercial invoice.
  • Items will need to be individually crosschecked with the invoice by the Assistant Director or Export Service officer.
  • Items are required to be examined by a Valuer/ gemologist and gem appraise, NGJA officials in the presence of the exporter or an authorized officer
  • Parcels require to be sealed with sealing wax by an NGJA official and custom official.
  • Ensure you obtain insurance coverage for the export parcels and a service fee will be payable to NGJA.
  • Approval of export should be carried out under the NGJA act.
  • Items will be released with permission of export under the NGJA act delivery and the obligation of accompanying any exported cargo with the movement document.


There are three main methods of importing gems and jewellery in Sri Lanka:

  • Hand Carrying
  • EMS Imports
  • Courier Imports

Import Process for Gem & Jewellery

  • Hand carrying imports are approved by the airport authority for a fee. Ensure you have a copy of the invoice ready to clear your goods. Note that this form of import cannot be re-exported.
  • If you require to re-export your goods , this would need to be carried out and cleared by Sri Lanka customs.
  • EMS imports are held at the post office. The customer will be notified of this and in order to clear your goods, ensure the notice is sealed and given to your handling agent to clear your items.
  • For EMS imports an invoice is required to clear items. Handling charges apply.
  • Courier imports will be held at customs and requires a clearance document.
  • The clearance document required for courier imports should be handed over to the client by the courier.
  • To clear courier imports provide your handling agent with your invoice.


Visit the link below for more information on current Exchange rates as per Sri Lanka Customs. Rates will be updated every Monday.

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