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The SLGJA was created in October 2002 with the amalgamation of four of the industry's top trade associations: Sri Lanka Gem Traders Association (established in 1970); Sri Lanka Jewellery Manufacturing Exporters Association (established in 1979); Sri Lanka Lapidarists and Exporters Association (established in 1985); and Sri Lanka Jewellers and Gem Merchants Federation (established in 1969).

The Government of Sri Lanka declared SLGJA as the Apex industry body in 2003, and charged it with a leadership role to formulate industry-level strategies to increase productivity and competitiveness. Working closely with the National Gem & Jewellery Authority and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, the SLGJA plays a leading role in advocating national policy and much needed input for the industry's regulatory framework.

With over 350 members who together account for over 75 percent of the country's gem and jewellery exports, the SLGJA is actively pursuing the betterment of the industry.

  • To strengthen and promote industry development with special focus on the industry's prime resource, Ceylon sapphires.
  • Increase sales of gemstones and jewellery products to overseas markets and attract more international buyers to Sri Lanka;
  • Facilitate a level playing field among the different industry segments and promote fair trade.
  • Be recognized as an Association that works to the highest professional standards & ethics and fosters good corporate governance in its practices.


The flagship activity of the SLGJA, “FACETS Sri Lanka International Gem & Jewellery Trade Show” is held annually in Colombo since 1991, and is an impressive showcase of the best Sri Lanka has to offer when it comes to Gems and Jewellery. A variety of Gems and finished jewellery are displayed each year by more than 150 local companies, while the producers and wholesalers from other gemstone producing countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are also invited to exhibit their gemstone products at the show.

SLGJA also participates in a host of other international trade fairs, where usually members are given the opportunity to exhibit together in the official Sri Lankan Pavilion.

  • Duty free status for imports of raw material such as gold, diamonds and gems.
  • Special provisions in the exchange control regulations and attractive tax incentives for the industry,
  • The enactment of VAT refunds at the airport and simplified customs procedures.
  • Human resource development through an associate organization, the Gem & Jewellery Institute: offers advanced technical training to industry employees as well as a series of programmes in jewellery design, crafting, stone setting and finishing. This programme is supported by trainers from the University of Central England in Birmingham, UK.
  • SLGJA is also working on establishing a world class gem testing facility in Sri Lanka with members contributing the major part of the funds necessary to establish the laboratory.